Lab-Grown Diamonds

At first glance, nothing looks more like a diamond than another diamond.

This is especially true of Lab-grown diamonds which are ... 100% diamond.

Lab-grown diamonds are made using two techniques:

- HPHT for High Pressure High Temperature.

- CVD for Chemical Vapor Deposition.

They basically mimic (with a few minor modifications) the physical conditions present at the center of the Earth 3 billion years ago when diamonds were formed.

The result is astonishing as CVD diamonds share the same physical characteristics with Type IIA natural diamonds which are considered to be the "purest" and among the most sought-after gems in the world.

Lab-grown diamond
Natural diamond

As the demand grows worldwide for more environmental friendly products and with a very low social impact, Lab-grown diamonds have become a stone-of-choice for conscious young generations who wish to wear a beautiful diamond and make a statement about their footprint.

At Lotando, we are of course in strong support of all good solutions for the greater good, especially if it makes stunning jewelry.

We are also careful to select manufacturers who respect the difference in price offered by Lab-grown diamonds compare to natural ones.

To shop our Lab-grown loose diamonds or Lab-grown diamond jewelry, simply browse the header menu or select "Lab-grown" in "Diamond origin" in our unique filter system.

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