Fancy Color Diamonds

Fancy Color Diamonds are to diamonds what 1855 French First Growth are to wine.

Only 1 out of 10.000 diamonds is estimated to be fancy color and the amazing range of their colors, from light yellow to black through pink, orange, green, blue etc, makes them the rarest, most exciting and among the most expensive of all gemstones.

Their value, on top of the 4 Cs, is mostly established according to the two following criteria:

Primary Color

This is the most obvious color seen in the diamond.

Some colors are more common than others (yellow is the most common of all and red the rarest) and that is the most important criteria to establish value.

A diamond certified with only one color is more expensive than a diamond with the same primary color and a mix of one or two other colors.

Color Intensity

Equally with the primary color, the intensity is a major factor for estimating value.

Its classification is:
faint > very light > light > fancy > intense > vivid and 2 other "darker" intensities: deep and dark.

At Lotando, because our founder and CEO is a fancy color diamond expert and lecturer, we invite our sellers to only offer you the most important and "true-to-the-color" categories of intensity: Light, Fancy, Intense and Vivid.

Annual production is also, as for any other rare resource, impacting the price of fancy color diamonds.

The best example being the definitive closure of the Argyle mine in Australia which used to produce 90% of all pink, purple and red diamonds in the world.

As it was expected, the price of these diamonds has since gone up and because of the original limited production, it is now seen as an excellent investment opportunity for someone who wants to diversify his portfolio.

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