All diamonds sold on Lotando above 0.3 ct come with a diamond grading report from a leading international gemological laboratory.

When purchasing on Lotando, you can be confident that you're obtaining a high-quality diamond that has been impartially and precisely graded.

On Lotando, we ask our vendors to offer only diamonds graded by the best labs in the world:
GIA - HRD - IGI - Gubelin - GRS

More often than it should, some online jewelry retailers, including famous ones, do not offer gemstones certificates coming from major international laboratories.
Instead, they offer you their own in-house certificate which of course is worth absolutely nothing in terms of quality guarantee (they are at the same time the seller and the judge...) or for insurance purpose.

If you encounter such abnormal situation, our advice is to run.

Please review the diamond's grading report to confirm its quality before buying.

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