Diamond Jewelry Value

Real value of diamond jewelry

Diamond professionals, all around the world, use the Rapaport weekly price list to purchase the diamonds they need.

As you can see from the Rapaport sample below, to establish the value of a diamond at wholesale level, these are, by order of importance, the only 4 criteria taken into account:
Shape, Carat weight, Color and Clarity.

The Cut quality, although important for the overall brilliance of the diamond, does not even appear in the Rapaport:

Even for Van Cleef and Arpels, the iconic jewelry brand with the highest and most strict diamond quality criteria in the world, the Cut quality is far from being the most important one in assessing the value of the stones.

Unfortunately, many online retailers will try to have you believe that the Cut quality is the most important factor, when in fact, enhancing this factor is all about hiding the flaws in the diamonds they sell and pocketing a very large profit on stones that are often only worth a fraction of the price they ask for.

We of course do not align with these misleading practices and only offer you diamond jewelry priced on its real value:
1) Shape
2) Carat
3) Color
4) Clarity
5) Cut
6) All other diamond criteria.

We are happy and proud to show you all characteristics of the diamonds to let you make a decision like a pro.

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